Lisa Zen will soon become the synonym for a Celtic Sound inspired Vocalist. Her music offers an unusual blend of harmonious instrumental melody and breathtaking chanting style of singing. There is something enticing in her voice that makes her songs sound both fresh and timeless. Sometimes Lisa Zen uses her voice as an instrument for creating music. Other times she impresses upon you the universal message of love, peace and harmony. Listen to Lisa while meditation and discover how her chanting guides your perception towards the state of inner peace. The way her voice makes you focus on the sound is not something simple instrumental compositions are capable of. All the albums offer both the original vocal version of a song and the instrumental version of the tracks as well. Enjoy the variety of sounds on the albums:

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The Lotus Bloom: Hypnotizing Vocal Music

Magia Niebiańskiego Głosu i Celtyckich Dźwięków

Sacred Sounds: Celestial Female Vocal

Magical Chanting: Soothing Female Vocal

Reiki and Chakra Healing Chants

Medytacja Zen z uspokajającym Kobiecym Śpiewem

Sonho Lúcido com a Lisa Zen Vocal

Música para Meditação Atenção: Relaxamento Celeste com Vocal Mulher

Celestial Being: Woman in the Sounds of Nature

Chants Mulher Angelicais para Meditação

Mestra de Cântico: Cura Sagrada Mulher Vocal

Doświadcz Wewnętrznego Ukojenia

Finding Inner Peace: One Way Journey to Relaxation

Finding Inner Peace: Calm after Long Day

Música dos Anjos: Sons Calmantes

Meditação para Relaxar Corpo a Mente

Cura Especial Calming Sessão de Música